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As part of our "Break the Silence" Campaign, NOCC commissioned a survey to gauge women's understanding of ovarian cancer. The survey revealed that 85% of women did not know ovarian cancer's symptoms and that 82% of women had not spoken with their doctors about ovarian cancer. Until there is an accurate early detection test for ovarian cancer, awareness of ovarian cancer's subtle symptoms is an important key to earlier detection. NOCC has developed a number of tools to educate women about ovarian cancer and will provide them to you free of charge for distribution in your community. Below are some ideas for ways that you can raise awareness within your community. Have other awareness ideas that you would like to share? Please let us know by calling 1-888-OVARIAN (1-888-682-7426) or emailing us at nocc@ovarian.org.

"Take Early Action & Live" - the TEAL Initiative. If ovarian cancer is diagnosed and treated early, when the cancer is confined to the ovary, the five year survival rate is over 90%. That is why awareness of early symptoms and education about the disease are so important. It is this simple, yet undeniably powerful truth that inspired the "Take Early Action & Live" initiative. The TEAL Initiative leverages the power and effectiveness of pass-along email to spread awareness at a grass roots level from one women to her circle of friends and family. The initiative has two objectives: the first is helping women become aware of the four most consistent symptoms of ovarian cancer. The second is let women know if they experience any of those symptoms on a daily basis for more then a few weeks, they should talk to their physician, preferrably a gynecologist, right away.

To begin your own pass-along email message to the women you care about, click here and we'll get you started. The message you send out today, may save a life tomorrow.

Distribute Literature. Education can be as simple as passing out risk and symptom literature. You may want to consider distributing risk and symptom cards at health fairs, women's groups, even your local grocery store. Libraries and bookstores are great places to handout risk and symptom bookmarks. If you would like us to send you NOCC's risk and symptom cards or bookmarkers at no cost to you, please contact us at 1-888-OVARIAN (1-888-682-7426) or email us at nocc@ovarian.org.

Presentations on Ovarian Health. NOCC has trained speakers across the country to present its "Ovarian Health... What every Woman Should Know." This brief presentation can be given to groups of any size and can be made at the work place, clubs, health fairs, churches, or other special events. For more information or to arrange a presentation, please contact us at 1-888-OVARIAN (1-888-682-7426) or email us at nocc@ovarian.org.

Volunteer for your local NOCC Chapter. The mission of the NOCC is to save lives by fighting tirelessly to prevent and cure ovarian cancer, and to improve the quality of life for survivors. With a national network of more than 60 Chapters, NOCC has established itself as the leading advocate for patients and families struggling with ovarian cancer. Committed volunteers work together to advance NOCC's mission through a toll-free helpline, comprehensive website, peer support, professional education, the promotion of research, publications and special projects such as "Break the Silence", a national education program to facilitate greater awareness and dialogue about ovarian cancer.

NOCC volunteers fuel the ovarian cancer awareness movement in local communities throughout the United States. These volunteers understand the specific needs of individual communities and through the establishment of local chapters, promote and expand patient, public, and professional education about ovarian cancer. At the local level, NOCC volunteers are trained to offer support to patients, family members and caregivers. They organize awareness event, sponsor educational programs and continuing medical education symposia, disseminate literature at healthfairs and address organizations through speaker's bureaus.

You can experience the value of helping others. For volunteer opportunities, meetings, events or support groups in your community, please contact your local chapter. If there is no local chapter in your community and you are interested in starting one or finding out out about other ways to get involved, please contact us at 1-888-OVARIAN (1-888-682-7426) or email us at nocc@ovarian.org. Together we can make a difference and save women's lives through ovarian cancer education and awareness.

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