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Ken Wegner: Making a Corporate Difference

Just over 10 years ago, Ken Wegner, and his family-run company, Jel Sert, were looking for a partner in Ovarian Cancer advocacy. They found the NOCC, and it's been a great partnership, thanks in no small part to Ken's vision and commitment. Helping women detect the early signs of Ovarian Cancer has become a passion, and for good reason.

Ken says, "Many companies were aligning themselves with breast cancer organizations, and we wanted to shed some light on the severity of Ovarian Cancer. My company's Wyler's Light brand, which is purchased by millions of women, was a great platform for communicating messages about Ovarian Cancer."

Ken also had a very personal reason for aligning his charitable work with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition: "My mother-in-law, Sophia, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2001. In August of 2006, it took her life after a tremendous battle on her part. She was very proud of our alignment with the NOCC during her life, and I saw firsthand through her struggle what a horrible disease ovarian cancer can be. The detection of her disease was quite random, and yet she had advanced stage cancer with no warning signs present. It can truly be a silent killer."

Outstanding and successful businessman that he is, Ken did his homework before choosing an Ovarian Cancer charity. "The NOCC provides a tremendous amount of information and support to women who are afflicted with the disease or who may become afflicted with it. Just the constant sharing of early signs and symptoms to women can help save lives. This cancer is very aggressive, and must be caught very early on to extend lives and hopefully beat it."

Ken stays focused on the goals of the NOCC and the progress that is being made: "I hope that the NOCC can continue to warn women of the early signs of this terrible disease. I also hope they will continue to provide updates to women on cutting edge treatments, if they are afflicted. There is some tremendous research that is on-going on the early detection of and treatment of ovarian cancer. Personally, we support some groundbreaking research by Dr. Ronald Potkul at Loyola Hospital in Maywood, Illinois. He has been focused on reducing the recurrence of the disease after chemotherapy with an immunization that kills any remaining dormant cancer cells."

The NOCC is very grateful to Ken Wegner and Jel Sert for their help in the battle against Ovarian Cancer. Next time you're at the grocery store, check out the Ovarian Cancer information on a package of Wyler’s Light low calorie soft drink mix.

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