TEAL (Take Early Action & Live)

Havens for Healing

“Havens for Healing” is a complimentary service open to any woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  A team of local Redesign Specials work together to transform a room of the patient’s choice within their home into a healing environment that is balanced, harmonious and individualized to her preferences, personal style and functional needs.  The end result is a room that is a ‘haven’ for recovery.

After consulting with the patient, the Redesigners then stage the room with furniture placement, the re-hanging of art, and accessorizing with existing   possessions the patient has in her home. Again, there is no cost to the patient for this service.

Women interested in this service should contact the NH Chapter at

Educational Materials Distribution

NOCC volunteers attend health fairs, conferences, and community meetings as well as distribute for display to numerous health centers, beauty salons, and other community outlets NOCC educational symptom cards, bookmarks, and other informational brochures.

Faces of Hope

Ovarian Cancer Education Series: The Pittsburgh Chapter monthly lectures afford everyone the opportunity to learn about ovarian cancer topics from local experts. The meetings are open to survivors, family members, caregivers, clinical and medical students, and anyone with an interest in learning about ovarian cancer and supporting NOCC's mission. We are thankful for Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC and Gilda’s Club of Western Pennsylvania for their partnership in this series. If you are unable to attend, click here for past lectures we have videotaped.

Picking Up the Pieces: A peer-to-peer support program for ovarian cancer survivors at any stage – newly diagnosed, in recurrence or in remission. Trained survivors are available to answer your questions and address your concerns. We can also support family members and caregivers because Ovarian cancer is more than a woman’s disease®.

Teal Hearts Network: Every third Monday of the month, the Teal Hearts Network gathers at the Cancer Caring Center for a social and supportive gathering. This group is designed to empower and inform you through discussions with local experts, survivors who have the questions you may not know to ask, and others who have been touched by this disease.

Survivor Connection "Talking it OVAR"

Whether you are newly diagnosed or a long term survivor, you can receive caring and confidential peer-to-peer support from fellow survivors. Contact us at 860-861-0061 or send an email to  If you are a survivor who would like to provide peer-to-peer support to other survivors, we would also like to hear from you!

Mammography Outreach Program

We will be working with Mammography Centers throughout the state to place ovarian cancer symptom cards and posters in the waiting areas and dressing rooms.

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