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Newly Diagnosed

Ovarian Cancer: Your Guide to Taking Control - Kristine Conner and Lauren Langford
Journey Beyond Diagnosis - Greg Pacini, MS, LPC, CGP, CHTP
50 Essential Things To Do When The Doctor Says It's Cancer - Greg Anderson
Charting The Journey: An Almanac of Practical Resources For Cancer - The National Coalition For Cancer Survivorship
I Can Cope - Judi Johnson and Linda Klein
The American Cancer Society Cancer Book - Editor Arthur Holleb, M.D.
Cancer...There's Hope - Annette and Richard Bloch
Fighting Cancer - Annette and Richard Bloch
Cancer As A Turning Point - Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D.
From Victim to Victor - Harold H. Benjamin, Ph.D.
Triumph: Getting Back To The Normal When You Have Cancer - Marion Morra and Eve Potts
Surviving Cancer - Danette G. Kaufman
Living Beyond Limits - David Spiegel, M.D.
Sexuality and Fertility After Cancer - Dr. Leslie R. Schover
Hair - Surviving the Fall - Sara Romweber, Ph.D.
The Journey Through Cancer - Healing and Transforming the Whole Person - Jeremy Geffen, M.D.


Betty Crocker's Living with Cancer Cookbook - Kris Ghosh, M.D. and Linda Carson, M.D.
Healing Outside the Margins - Carole O'Toole with Dr. Carolyn B. Hendricks
Everyone's Guide To Cancer Therapy: How Cancer is Diagnosed, Treated And Managed Day To Day - Malin Dolinger, M.D. ,Ernest Rosenbaum, M.D. Greg Cable
Managing The Side Effects Of Chemotherapy And Radiation - Marilyn J. Dodd, R.N., Ph.D.
Coping With Chemotherapy - Nancy Bruning
Nutrition Of The Cancer Patient - Jane Bradley and Susan Nass
Definitive Guide to Cancer - An Integrative Approach to Prevention, Treatment, and Healing - Lisle Alschuler, ND and Karolyn A. Gazella


I'd Rather Do Chemo - Fran Di Giacomo
Ovarian Cancer Journeys, Survivors Share Their Stories to Help Others - Ayala Miron
Of Tears And Triumphs - Georgia and Bud Photopulos
A Feather in My Wig - Barbara R. Van Billiard
The Cancer Conqueror - Greg Anderson
Anatomy Of An Illness As Perceived By The Patient - Norman Cousins
The Road Back To Health: Coping With The Emotional Aspects Of Cancer - Neil A. Fiore, Ph.D.
Cancervive: The Challenge Of Life After Cancer - Susan Nessim and Judith Ellis
Love, Medicine, and Miracles - Bernie Siegel, M.D.
Peace, Love, and Healing - Bernie Siegel, M.D.
How To Live Between Office Visits - Bernie Siegel, M.D.
Vital Signs - Fitzhugh Mullin, M.D.
The Race Is One Step At A Time - Nancy Brinker
Recalled By Life - Anthony Sattilaro M.D.
It's Always Something - Gilda Radner
When Bad Things Happen To Good People - Harold S. Kushner
Life Wish - Jill Ireland
First, You Cry - Betty Rollin
Healing And The Mind - Bill Moyers
The Bonsai - Carroll Hofeling Morris
Hanging In There - Natalie Davis Spingam
Living Through Personal Crisis - Ann Kaiser Steams
Where The Buffaloes Roam - Bob Stone and Jenny Stone Humphries
Living With Cancer - William A. Fintel, M.D. and Gerald R. McDermott, M.D.
Another Morning - Voices of Truth and Hope from Mothers with Cancer - Linda Blachman
Turning Heads - Portraits of Grace, Inspiration and Possibilities - Jackson Hunsicker


A Guide For Cancer Supporters - Annette and Richard Bloch
Charlie's Cancer Rescue - David and Linda Justus
Mainstay For The Well Spouse Of The Chronically Ill - Maggie Strong
Parentcare - Lissy Jarvik, M.D., Ph.D. and Gary Small, M.D.
Learning To Live With Chronic Illness - Sefra Kabrim Pitzela


Moms Don't Get Sick - Pat and Ben Brack
Why? Charlie Brown Why? - Charles M. Schulz
My Mommy Has Cancer - Carolyn Stearns Parkinson
For The Love Of Teddi - Lou Buttino
I Want To Grow Hair I Want To Grow Up I Want To Go To Boise - Erma Bombeck
The Fall Of Freddy The Leaf - Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.
Grandma Kathy Has Cancer - Colleen Buckley


How To Survive The Loss Of A Love - Melba Colgraove, Ph.D., Harold Bloomfield, M.D., and Peter McWilliams
On Death And Dying - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Final Gifts - Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley


What You Don't Know Can Kill You - Dr. Laura Nathanson


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